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Below, are a series of my projects overtime.

Ranging from my fashion degree school work to my professional work.

Although, this is not much, most of my professional work is private due to clientele and copy right reasons. To see these projects, please reach out to me with that request. Any use of LT Designs content is subject to legal action.

At random, I was given a card with a photo of a variety of vegetables on it. The goal of this line was to use the card as inspiration to develop innovative an innovative color story, inspiration board, mood board, and designs. As a conceptual designer, I took this photo card literally by making the vegetables the key inspiration and focus of the entire line.

As one of my capstone projects, I fully developed an active wear collection featuring innovative designs using laser cuts, layers, transparency, dimensions, & high end stretch materials.

Focusing on an apparel collection as a a whole. From gathering information from company research,  to designing five complete outfits and developing four prints with one focal print using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Using my own photography in creating a digitally printed textile to create a reversible 3 Dimensional Designed Garment.

Showcased in the University's top designs of the year.

Co. & Target M_edited.jpg

Focused on developing two photographic based textile print. These prints were designed for the chosen target market and forecasted trend of choice. 90% of the photos used were taken by myself or my father.  After developing these photos into a print in Photoshop, I then texture mapped them onto a designer garment from the aspirational company.

As one of my capstone projects represented by Cotton Inc., I developed a trendy women's scrub outfit using anti bacterial, moisture wickering, and comfort specialty fabrics sourced by Cotton Inc.

AA Inspiration board_edited.jpg
CONCEPT BOARD_edited.jpg

Focused on the construction of basic prints. The goal was to create 4 coordinate prints and one focal print for a designated target market and brand that would take interest in. Through research of the bran, target market, and trends made up the development of the target market and concept boards. After gathering that information, came the design process of the coordinate prints in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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